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Experienced instrumentation and controls engineer with a diverse industrial background, capable of adapting to new environments, challenges, and tasks. Recognized as resourceful, inquisitive, innovative, and diligent. Can successfully troubleshoot, problem-solve, and collaborate in a team-oriented atmosphere.

* Project management, budgeting, and scheduling.
* Controls and instrumentation systems design, specification, configuration, troubleshooting, maintenance.
* Control system analysis and optimization.
* Interfacing and coordinating with clients, contractors, colleagues, and vendors.
* Process equipment and system design, specification, installation, and modification.
* Database development, data handling, applied scripting.

2011 - 2019
SHELL OIL PUGET SOUND REFINERY (Anacortes, Washington) - Control Systems Engineer
* Technical specialist participant/lead in capital projects for control systems. Coordinate between refinery operations and contractors from design to construction; responsible for managing control system scope of project, ensuring all data and equipment are accurate to requirements and brought along on schedule.
* Responsible for reviewing and ensuring compliance with project design specifications and standards.
* Responsible for ensuring MOCs are completed and complied with prior to start-up.
* Participant and coordinator in project's system design and testing, including FAT, SAT, etc.
* Design, coordinate, and maintain databases for projects. Used for system design through to loop checks and installation. Implement extraction scripts to compile needed data out of several source types (documents, databases, etc.) to load into project database (Access). Scripting using Perl, Visual Basic, and SQL.
* Refinery/site Focal Point for OSIsoft PI application; responsible for acting as a liaison between colleagues requesting data historian modifications and the administrative IT support.
2002 - 2011
U.S. OIL & REFINING CO. (Tacoma, Washington) - Senior Instrumentation & Controls Engineer
* Responsible for and managed the refinery DCS (ABB InfiNet90/Harmony and 800xA) and SIS (safety system, ABB). Oversaw, engineered, and coordinated complete DCS/SIS upgrade. Worked together between Engineering, Operations, & Maintenance departments to install and maintain equipment.
* Oversaw and coordinated design, specification, procurement, and installation of refinery instrumentation. Liaised with technicians and electricians to troubleshoot and configure the devices.
* Technical support engineer for the light-products loading rack, dock, asphalt unit, and tankage area.
* Administrator for FuelsManager tank inventory system and INtools (SPI) instrumentation database (managed installation and data loading). Co-administrator for OSIsoft PI data historian system.
* Administrator for LogMate alarm management software. Collaborated with Operations and Engineering to bring and maintain process alarming within reasonable and useful levels. Kept the database up-to-date and reported out with alarming metrics/performance data.
* Responsible for the refinery PLCs-specify, procure, troubleshoot, and configure various systems.
* Technical support engineering for process analyzers.
2001 - 2002
KENNEDY/JENKS CONSULTANTS (Federal Way, Washington) - Senior Staff Engineer
* Designed, coordinated, and managed engineering projects, both industrial and municipal. Included: Tank network control system redesign and metal-parts processing facility as-built documenting.
* Specified and selected process components based upon project requirements. Included: Heat exchangers, eductor systems, pumps, piping and scrubber systems, fans/blowers/ductwork, tanks, valves, PLCs.
2000 - 2001
EVERGREEN ENGINEERING, INC. (Eugene, Oregon) - Chemical Engineer
* Managed and was responsible for engineering and capital projects, including: Electronic gasses plant mechanical and process improvements, semiconductor manufacturing plant and process improvements, and mechanical and processing designs for a (wood) panel manufacturing site.
* Specified and selected process equipment and instrumentation based upon design criteria and project requirements. Equipment included: Heat exchangers, pumps, piping systems, scrubbers, tanks, conveyors, fans/blowers/ductwork, material handling systems, and PLCs.
1997 - 2000
AMERICAN PACIFIC CORP. (Cedar City, Utah) - Process, Project, and Applications Engineer
* Worked from a central engineering department in a multiple-chemical manufacturing and OEM company. Managed plant design and capital projects in an ISO-9001 quality system.
* Designed and managed custom sodium hypochlorite systems projects and their...

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