Little Rock, AR

Position Desired

Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Anywhere in the U.S.


Dedicated, hardworking, dependable team player that communicates current nuclear practices to perform imaging procedures and treatments in order to aid in the diagnosis of diseases.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Supervisor - October 2018 to Present
August 22, 2012 to Present
National Park Medical Center, Hot Springs, AR
• Makes sure equipment is functioning properly by performing daily, weekly, monthly,
yearly and as needed quality control per manufactures recommendations
• Equipment used:
- Infinia Hawkeye SPECT/CT
- GE Ventri – Cardiac SPECT
- Xenomatic 3000
- BIODEX Medical Systems - Uptake Probe and Well Counter
- GE Atom Lab 950
- CAPINTEC CRC-15R – Dose Calibrator
- Ludlum Model 177 area monitor
- BIODEX Model 14c GM Survey Meter
- X-Ray water filled phantom
- Quinton Q-Stress TM 55 Treadmill and computer system
- GE T2100 Treadmill Version V6.7
- Sunset Medical Tango M2 Blood Pressure Machine
- DataScope Blood Pressure Machine
- Computer programs such as PACS, Medi-Tech, Syntrac Integration Tool,
Xeleris Functional Imaging Workstation version 1, and Microsoft Office
• Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules
and regulations
• Gains patient co-operation by reducing anxieties, provides explanations of
procedures and answers questions
• Monitors monthly and yearly Landauer Radiation Badge Reports to assure employees
are not over-exposed. Helps find corrective actions if necessary.
• Contributes to team effort by multi-tasking and accomplishing career and hospital
• Thrives in independent and collaborative environments
• Identifies ways to improve myself and performance
• Rising Star 2014 first Quarter and Rising Star of The Year 2014
• Participates in Hospital Functions
• Helps out in other areas when needed
• Minimal training in MRI. Camera used is a Siemens 1.5 Tesla Symphony

Hot Springs Cardiology
• February 8, 2016 – Present
• Equipment used:
- Cardiac Science TM55/65 Treadmill 4.0
- GE Ventri Cardiac SPECT
- Syntrac
- Xeleris
- Athena Health

June 18, 2015 - May 20, 2017
National Park Medical Center
• Equipment used
- Medi-Tech
- Nihon Kohden Neuro-Work Bench

Clinical skills/experience
• July 2011 – June 2012
• Through clinical hours, experience was gained in general and therapeutic Nuclear
Medicine procedures, hot lab procedures, patient care, imaging techniques,
radiation safety, quality control and image processing
• Clinical sites that helped me achieve this were Baptist Health Medical Center,
Little Rock Hematology and Oncology PET/CT, St. Vincent Heart Clinic Arkansas,
Arkansas Children’s Hospital, and Cardinal Health Radiopharmacy
• Cameras/equipment used:
- Phillips: dual head, SPECT, Skylight
- Siemens: single head, Digitrac
- GE: Millennium, dual head, SPECT
- Syntrac
• Certified in CPR – BLS
• Ability to adapt to new situations and people with special needs
• Able to differentiate between effective and non-effective priorities

Child Care Worker
May 2007 – July 2011 (Summers)
Holy Souls Extended Care, Little Rock, AR
• Hired to watch children from Pre-Kindergarten through the Eighth Grade
• Provided an enjoyable and safe environment
• Monitored th...

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