Colorado Springs, CO

Position Desired

Software Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



* Brainbench-certified software engineer with over 15 years of development experience
* Advanced degrees in both computer science and business
* Colorado Licensed Professional Engineer, license #39402
* CompTIA Security+ (ce) certification
* Associate of (ISC)2 (CISSP application pending)

Opportunities to solve the software industry’s hard problems. Need a complicated algorithm implemented? Outdated legacy code upgraded? An impossible delivery schedule met? I can get it done, on time and within budget.

6/2016 – 1/2018: Raytheon Corporation, Colorado Springs, CO
Senior Systems Engineer II on the Missile Defense National Team: Integrated together the “Federated Models” set of Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) modeling and simulation tools, by authoring Perl and Bash shell scripts that give BMDS testers and analysts an easier-to-use user interface.

6/2014 - 5/2015: HKA / Midcom Corp., Richardson, TX
Contract Software Engineer: Agile / Scrum team member responsible for enhancing the Link-16 networking capabilities of the Navy SPAWARS Littoral Surveillance Radar System for the Boeing Special Projects Dallas client, by authoring Ada 95 and X-Motif software to display the MIDS terminal status, and convert incoming TADIL-J messages into an operator-actionable format.

5/2009 – 4/2013: Exelis Information Systems' SENSOR Program Colorado Springs, CO
Senior Software Engineer: Deployment Team Lead responsible for integrating and packaging the multi-threaded "UR/11-1" AN/FPS-132 software Version Release. Implemented C++ software improvements to markedly reduce tracking error at the BMEWS I Site. Authored solutions to Site-identified problems, including solar intrusion into the interference monitor, and loss of Spacetrack tasking when the satellite temporarily departs the field-of-view.

5/2008 – 3/2009: Solidyn Solutions, Inc Boulder, CO
Contracting Software Engineer: Ported 150 KSLOC of SBIRS “makefiles” and operational C/C++ code from legacy IRIX to AIX 5.3 / Power5 platforms. Invented AIX replacements for IRIX-unique functions (e.g., “sproc” and
“amalloc”). Updated legacy M3P TADIL-J / Link 16 software to Titan JREAP C interface standards to support SBIRS BMDS capability.

6/2006 – 4/2008: Aircom International Boulder, CO
Software Engineer: Authored C++ code to implement message authentication techniques based on the MD5 algorithm; simulate the call-signaling behavior of SIP and proprietary mobile handsets; collect call setup and teardown time metrics, and perform DNS queries to test the system developed by the Ericsson Wireless Communications client that assures interoperability between Sprint-Nextel’s recently-announced “QChat” phones and their existing “Direct Connect” service.

2/2005 – 5/2006: Volt Technical Resources, LLC Tucson, AZ
Software Engineer: Responsible for upgrading the 4 KSLOC “Message Passer” embedded real-time flight software package to object-oriented C++ code running under the VxWorks RTOS on a 750FX PPC, in support of Raytheon Missile Systems “Capability Enhancement II” effort on the Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle Program.

5/2004 – 1/2005: Boecore, Inc Colorado Springs, CO
Lead Software Engineer: Authored studies of radar power needed for sustained ballistic missile tracking, and optimal techniques for disseminating ionospheric calibration data to distributed processors, in support of General Dynamics – AIS customer’s “I-UEWR” IRAD effort to upgrade the AN/FPS-123 PAVE PAWS radar to support ballistic missile defense.

9/2002 – 4/2004: Northrop-Grumman Electronic Systems Boulder, CO
Software Engineering Specialist: Principal engineer responsible for re-hosting TADIL-J / Link 16 embedded real-time C++ tactical communications software to the SBIRS Multi-Mission Mobile Processor (M3P) shelters in a SEI CMM Level 3 environment. Completed effort on time, under budget, and with many known problems in the GFE software fixed.

4/1998 – 6/2001: Raytheon Company Schriever AFB, CO
Software engineering consultant: Authored 15,000+ lines of low-error, maintainable object-oriented C++ code for C4ISR applications like orbital propagation, coordinate transformations, Kalman filtering, optimal resource
allocation, and TADIL-J / Link-16 communications system modeling in support of the Joint National Test Facility’s “Wargame 2000” pseudo-real-time missile defense command and control simulator. Documented this code using Rational’s Rose UML toolset.

4/1995 – 3/1998: Hughes Training, Inc. Schriever AFB, CO
Consultant: Added three years to the useful life of a 250,000+ line FORTRAN / C legacy command and control simulation codeset by removing errors, plugging memory leaks, reducing runtime memory, improving execution speed, enforcing language standards, and rehosting this software onto more modern Solaris and
IRIX hosts. Authored “makefile” and leak tracing tools to assist this code maintenance effort.

3/1994 – 3/1995: Martin-Marietta & others Colorado Springs, CO
Consultant: Authored technical proposals for data warehousing, software configuration management, and high-performance computing centers. Updated FORTRAN legacy software.

2/1988 – 2/1994: Nichols Research Corporation Falcon AFB, CO
Staff Directorate Manager: Headed 8-person technical directorate on National Test Bed (NTB) Integration Contract, responsible for installing sensor models into end-to-end SDI system simulators. Lead systems engineer for NTB’s SDI system simulator efforts, with overall responsibility for ensuring simulator validity. Principal developer of FORTRAN data association algorithms for system simulators. Principal developer of Ada “Brilliant Pebbles” optical sensor models for “Level 2 System Simulator.” Software systems engineer for NTB’s “Human-in-Control Testbed,” responsible for optimization of large-scale FORTRAN / C code on Cray-2 supercomputer.

9/1986 – 1/1988: Nichols Research Corporation Huntsville, AL
Senior Member of Technical Staff: Task Manager responsible for developing target designation algorithms for Army ballistic missile interceptors. Developer o...

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