Peoria, IL

Position Desired

Industrial Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


A proven industrial engineer with vast background in Six Sigma and lean approach for process optimization. Possess
knowledge of formulation of Supply chain models and reduction in logistics cost using relevant software. A strong
mathematical background and training in the formulation and application of analytical models for problem solving and
optimization purposes.
Simulation, Process & Resource Optimization, Multiple Regression Analysis, Data Visualization and Dashboards. Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt (In Progress)
Tableau, Minitab, IBM CPLEX, POM QM, LOGWARE, SIMIO, SQL, VBA, Excel, TORA, R (in progress), AutoCAD. Vlookup and Pivot
Masters of Science Industrial Engineering Bradley University, Peoria, IL Dec. 2015
Academic Graduate Scholarship award GPA 4.0/4.0
Bachelor of Technology Mathematics Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria Apr. 2010
Logistics and Supply Chain Systems: Optimization in supply chain network, transportation and warehouse location
Production Planning: Introduction to Project management, JIT, Lean, Inventory management, Work Scheduling, forecasting,
material resource planning.
Quality Control: Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, QFD, SPC charts, Pareto Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, 5 whys.
Simulation of Man and Machine: Optimization of resource levels for complex systems (Manufacturing plants, Hospitals etc.)
using SIMIO.
Operations Research: Optimization of resource allocation to increase yield and profit using linear programming.
Advanced Facility Planning: Layout design to optimize material flow, efficiency and productivity. Also familiar with concepts such
as group technology using a variety of methods.
Business Intelligence: Creation of customized user interface using VBA. Introduction to Data analysis using SQL.
Design of Experiment: Regression analysis, determination of relevant factors and their impact.
OVERSEAS BUILDING PROJECT - Nigeria, West Africa Summer 2015
• Responsible for recruiting of qualified subcontractors for sections of the project and overseeing daily operation.
• Created plans and strategy to minimize logistics and material cost while ensuring quality of material and structural
integrity of building.
• Coordinated sourcing and delivery of building materials to ensure continuity and consistency of construction work.
• Interphased with local authorities to secure work authorization.
G&D Integrated Reman Warehouse Project -Bradley University (Course Project) Peoria. IL 3/15-5/14
• Developed plans to make space of 10,000 square feet in the existing warehouse for REMAN Project with efficient space
• Defined inventory process flow with maximum efficiency and built strategies for packing and outbound logistics.
• Built a 3D model of the desired warehouse in Auto-CAD and used VIS MOCKUP to simulate the process and flow.
• Minimized material handling cost of inventory using a weighted matrix system.
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Project Leader - Heale Manufacturing-Bradley University (Course Project) Peoria, IL 3/14-5/14
• Led quality initiative that identified a projected 80% decrease in defects. Through root cause analysis, the systemic root
causes of poor quality performance were clearly identified and cost effective solutions were recommended. The
Project was selected to be presented at the 2015 annual ASQ Bradley student night.

Senior Project - PZ Cussons - FUTO (Company-linked senior project), Aba, Nigeria. 6/09-1/10
• Collaborated with company leadership to collate relevant data concerning company products and processes.
• Formulated a linear programming model for profit...

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