Merced, CA

Position Desired

Mechanical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Knowledgeable, engineering professional with experience in steam generation processes/equipment in a food processing environment, fluid flow calculations, proper pipe sizing, pump selection for conduit flow, and designing low-cost systems for process improvement. With an outstanding willingness to learn, presentation skills, and positive attitude, I take pride in my Analytical and leadership abilities and have excellent work ethics and integrity.

AutoCAD Certified (March 2010), Windows OS, Microsoft Office, Team Management,
SolidWorks (Motion and Simulation), Troubleshoot Computers and Mechanical Devices

B.S. Mechanical Engineering May 2014
California State University, Fresno

Mechanical Engineering/ Boiler Maintenance Internship May-October 2015
Liberty Packing Los Banos, CA
• Worked on wireless micro controller project that monitored several boilers’ FD fan system bearings. The system alerted the operators when a bearing was getting too hot.
• Surveyed the feed water pump system and the evaporation system to determine the NPSHA and verified whether or not the proper pumps were installed.
• Created Excel sheets calculating the exit flue-gas velocities from the six boiler flue stacks. This required the gathering of data by taking physical measurements and sensor readings from all boilers and hand calculations.
• Under the guidance of the mechanical engineer, we investigated the occurring water hammer effects in the condensate pipe system in order to determine a solution that would eliminate it.
• Performed friction loss calculations for pipe flow to determine the overflow problem in the newly installed gravity fed organic tomato line.
• Operated, monitored, and maintained steam generation equipment, under supervision, including steam turbines, pumps, fans and motors. In addition, collected water samples and performed basic water chemistry in order to control the condensate chemica...

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